Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go Green and Save

Although paper produced from post consumer recycled fibers may cost more than virgin paper, there are still many green initiatives that can save money if you can not afford this grade. Note, the paper industry’s objective by 2012 is to provide 60% of paper produced from recycled fiber (compare to Glass – 24% recycled; Plastics 7% paper is among the best at recycling).

-While it is true, paper manufactured from ‘post consumer waste’ is more expensive,; however, in many cases paper with recycled pulp (pre-consumer) may cost the same.
-Work with your printer to reduce paper wasted on make ready, bindery, and trials
-Reduce the amount of ‘free office copies’
-Confirm you have the correct roll or sheet size that allows for the least amount of waste; also, review your print layout for maximum coverage of sheet
-Reduce the basis weight of both the cover and body stock (switching from 80lb to 70lb yields 12.5% less paper – save even more if you mail)
-Ship by rail instead of truck
-If you are purchasing a recycled paper, now is the time to negotiate long term pricing. Paper is at an all time low today and therefore is a good time to establish benchmark pricing. (Note: Insisting on firm pricing with no increase most likely is not prudent !)

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Anonymous said...

The paper industry does not do a good enough job promoting the fact that the producers do an outstanding job recycling not only paper that leaves the mill, but also internal recycling of water, chemicals, and reuse of bi products. I have actually read articles that outline it is too difficult and might actually create MORE energy consumption recycling plastics.