Tuesday, April 06, 2010

IPAD Introduction Could be Game Changer

As I am sure all our readers are more than aware, Apple introduced the IPAD and sold
over 300,000 IPADs. By comparison, they sold 270,000 iPhones when first available in 2007.
Initial reports reveal, many magazine customers are embracing the new format for print but appear upset at the 'excessive' prices for single issues.
Magazines are pinning their hopes on the EReaders and hope that, like the cel phone, MP3, and lap top, that Apple and IPAD will greatly assist the current decline in publication circulation and advertising revenue. But, these companies need to be careful on pricing so they do not alienate readers.


Anonymous said...

Forecasts are for Apple to sell minimum of 5,000,000 - than sales will slow down. Still 5oooooo is a lot!
I for one, still like reading a book printed on paper.

Anonymous said...

Reading today 4/15/10, Apple sold 500,000 ipad in US alone. I personally do not see the advantage of yet another device, but, clearly, there is a demand. I would agree with your blog comments - Apple, once again, could change the rules - this time for reading.