Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Prospective on the Paper Market

To compliment our report earlier this week on our Coy Paper news releases, we offer 'heard on the streets' comments that US Printing/Writing Paper demand and shipments were up 2.5% in November primarily driven by strong coated paper shipments.
November shipments of 1.435Million tons was the first monthly 2009 vs 2008 increase since February 2008 (vs. 2007). Total shipments YTD were 15.612 million tons, down 17% vs. 2008.
-Coated freesheet was up 10.4% to 293,600 tons in November
-Coated mechanical (LWC - publication paper) up 14.7% to 285,100 tons.
-Uncoated freesheet was stable at 714,800 tons, down 0.5% vs. last year. November shipments were down vs. October, due to seasonality.


Anonymous said...

This sounds encouraging. Forecast for 2010?

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