Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Printers Upset at Anti Dumping Case

The USA printing industry continues to lobby against the coated paper manufactures that have asked the US International Trade Commission to levy a tariff on Chinese and Indonesian producers. Overall demand for printing is down and the continued competition from electronic communication is fierce. Reports confirm over 73,000 workers in the printing industry lost their jobs in the past 2 years. The printers feel that the imported paper maintains a competitive market, and without China and Indonesian paper, the cost of the largest component for printing costs, would increase. Increased raw material costs will further drive clients away from the printed media and potentially close down printers.
The printing community is fighting to keep the imported coated paper coming into the USA without a penalty tariff.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense I suppose. More competition equates to lower pricing, generally. AND, if the competition is already cheaper - this forces the current (domestic) producers to maintain competitive pricing. Any thoughts on how the investigation is going?

Anonymous said...

Printers can be upset, but is this fair to domestic producers? Let's all play on a level field.

Anonymous said...

I know domestic producers are upset, but, what about the $9 billion in tax credit they enjoyed all year for the black liquor. Was not this a 'subsidy'?