Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Leader in E-reader Display Manufacturing Owned by Paper Company

Excepts from recent RISI research paper.
Prime View International (PVI) is the leader (66% market share) in supplying displays used in e-readers such as Amazon.com’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. PVI is owned by Taiwan’s largest paper manufacturer, Yuen Foong Yu, which launched this technology division 17 years ago, as they became worried about digital replacing print. After facing tough competition in the LCD market, they’ve spent over a $1Billion on e-screen development and acquisitions, purchasing screen technology from Philips Electronics in 2005 and E Ink Corp. of MA last June. Worldwide sales of e-readers are expected to soar to 12 million units in 2010, up from 5 million in 2009. Many of these will be made by competitors, able to show video with full color screens such as Apple’s Tablet and Qualcomm’s new screen technology called Mirasol.


Anonymous said...

Glad to learn 'someone' understands digital communication is here to stay and industries like paper and publishing need to develop new strategies to generate sales and bottom line dollars.

P. Scott Vallely said...

I have been reading about all the EReaders recently introduced at this year's Electronic's Show. I hear very good thinks about the current offerings, and everyone seems to agree that when Apple introduces their 'Tablet' product - the EReader world will only improve. I was also told - 'do not discount readers migrating from printed media to a digital format until you personally sample an EReader". I understand they are very intuitive and actually enjoyable. Mind you, I am a paper guy! I have not had the opportunity to evaluate an EReader - but with all the recent praise, I will have to hold off before I dismiss the EReader as a viable substitute to a physical book, newspaper, or document.

Anonymous said...

Do not knock them until you have tried one. I was at a show, demonstrated both the kindle and the Nook and was 'blown away' with just how easy they were to use and it proved to be a surprise that reading a book this way was not bad at all!